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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a well-respected steam cleaning company stationed in South-West London. We work in all sections of London.

At present different types of carpets are being offered. Carpets have various sizes, shades and materials they are made of so you need to consider all the carpet’s characteristics and be convinced that the carpet you choose have everything you need. If you want to save the incredible look of your carpet you need to put some efforts to clean it on regular basis and take advantage of deep carpeted flooring cleaning services in South-West London at least once a year. According to the type of the carpet you may choose between two incredible carpet cleaning options. Every single one of them provides a long exploitation of the rugs and astonishing fresh colors. Deep rug cleaning is the chief method which uses the power of high temperature water steam to clean each and every one of the spots and sand from the carpet. The next washing technique is popular as dry carpet maintaining is executed from the bottom of the rug and is applied for cleaning various kinds of dirt, dust, mildew and allergens. According to the type of your rug you should select the most recommended cleaning procedure. If you cannot make a decision, contact an expert carpet washing firm in South-West London to give you an informed help.

Prolux Carpet is well-known for being one of the best rugs maintaining businesses in South-West London. We are a family firm that was established 7 years ago and since then it proves it has one of the kind carpet cleaning services. We are putting great efforts to be perfect, overcoming each and every one of the difficulties and competition and that way to convince our clients that we are the most used firm on this widely-expanding market. We use exclusively green preparations and extremely powerful machines to assure you the highest quality techniques. Not only we work 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week but alsowe acceptemergency orders. We accept all orders. For us each of our customer is of great importance and has to receive unique attention. Our professionals go to regular trainings, and every one of our professional cleaners are prepared for any accident or problem that may happen. Besides remarkable services our carpet maintaining professionals in South-West London will give you some useful advices about maintaining your rug in incredible condition.

Steam carpet cleaning – all you need to know

There are some extremely easy steps to follow. The first thing our expert cleaners do is vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. After that a thorough appraisal of the rug is proceeded with a view to making a checklist of the problems it has. It is of great significance to mark what is the origin of each individual stain – cola, juice, tar, nail polish, lipstick, tomato juice, vomit or something else. The clients will be asked a couple of questions about their concerns about maintaining the carpet. The next thing of the process - cautiously picked cleaning products are applied on the stains as they vary depending on the cause of each stain. At the end, steam rug cleaning is made that brings back the amazing look of the carpet. The professional washing service is helpful for removing old spots from the carpet’s surface and for getting rid of all the harmful particles found on the carpet. That cleaning technique has proved to be the most efficient one for keeping a healthy atmosphere for your children.

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